On a mission....

On a mission to find myself again; I have time. :)
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It seems to go over everyone’s heads when told I need silence while studying or writing tech manuals.  They also seem to assume I can spit out the same kind of productivity from a tablet when being in spotty coverage with constant interruptions.  Uh, I miss the speedy clacking of my keyboard;  there’s no way I can pull 115 wpm from a tablet. 

Happy memory: Having had a gaming magazine editor visit me and gawk in amazement over my SoHo — monitors, Cisco phones, internet config, and video card. I should ve invited him over to test games he was reviewing so I could get a sneak peek. :)

Being stuck with seriously spotty coverage in this physical rehab facility stinks! I don’t even know if this message can make it through. I’m sending it via an app to place in que to eventually post.

Hah, I just remembered writing programs out in my notebook — spiral paper notebook — old school.
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Live coding from a smartphone isn’t so smart; espec.ially when in spotty coverage — fail!

I need to learn to write the program out in Evernote and then copy/paste it when it’s clean & pretty.

Oh, I remember why I didn’t like Apple: I used a command line system and people didn’t consider it a computer if it wasn’t built attached to its monitor and had a graphic user interface. I ignored them ‘cause I was having fun coding in 2nd grade.

My dad was amazed with my work. He was later dumbfounded with the games me and my cousin collaborated on making for our HS calculators (Casio ti-81s).

Looking back, I am too.

Now I’m wondering why he didn’t want me taking CS.

Happy memory: My friend’s shock when he found out I used IRC. It’s up there with his dropped jaw when watching my bullriding vid. (Search mspi e3 vidéo in Google)