On a mission....

On a mission to find myself again; I have time. :)
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Yes, I’m an uber nerd. Docs are talking about new treatments, tests, tubes and hospitals; I’m thinking about how all this will affect my work—getting certified and writing manuals to simplify and train in crazy protocols. O.o

You know it’s sad when you hear Guns & Roses ‘November Rain’ and it brings back memories of dates with a relationship that failed from both ends because we were both too chicken to talk to each other.

Hypothesizing with your friends or even yourself about how the other person ‘might’ feel isn’t the same as having the chutzpah to ask them. Massive fail!

Lesson learned. Now for me to not be scared of execs who like me, spoil me, and want to spend more time together—‘Wake up, they like me for me.’

I’m missing my earrings. I’ll have to get poked again; I don’t know if that’ll be worth it with all the regular scans I go through.

Then again, it makes for interesting conversation when hanging with execs at conferences—I don’t hide my past while still keeping it professional; we end up talking about our current projects anyway.

Hmm… I wonder if playing the ‘Les Miserable’ musical continuously while studying will still work for me. It worked for all my college science courses in high school.

I’ll test it with some social engineering, guitar studies, writing techniques, and coding & security.

I’ll be sure to update everyone with how this works out. Just lemme finish my current book, ‘Under the Dome.’ It’s sickingly addictive—just like the majority of Stephen King’s reads. :)

Shite, steroid withdrawal stinks! Had four days straight of uber strong meds infused in me which led to a straight drop ‘cause this place didn’t receive the flippin’ order for the pills to slowly work it out of my system. I want an icon to demonstrate my anger; something a little more than an ‘itch please.’

Just letting y’all know that young goofy memories are great—couple at Pacifica Surf always excited & interrupting each other, deer gathered & bobbing their heads in my driveway, and sending my minions (geese) to attack a friend.

My dog acting like I did when it came to the ocean—toe touch the water and run away. I only did the last part in Santa Cruz, the water is freezing. Thanks Ry for coming back for me then tossing me in.

See, I’m not ALL tech. But, if I want good memories of Dad I need to go geek and remember explaining programming & networking to him—he was a curious engineer.

All this sci-fi/horror reading has been floating my way—probably because a good number of my friends are in that field—writers, directors, make-up… Yes, this nerd socializes with others. The reading outside of.my normal biblical & IT stuff adds an interesting twist to conversations. :)