On a mission....

On a mission to find myself again; I have time. :)
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The other day, when talking to me, a therapist admitted that with all the quakes, storms, and volcano explosions she wishes that an 8.0+ magnitude came by to scare tech companies away. She only wants to shoo them off, creating less traffic, and eventually drop rent to reasonable prices again.

That isn’t very thoughtful at all for anyone.

(Reuters) - The Michigan Strategic Fund board gave final approval on Wednesday for the sale of up to $450 million of 30-year revenue bonds for a downtown Detroit arena that will be home to the National Hockey League’s Detroit Red Wings. The financing plan calls for $250 million of tax-exempt bonds backed by increases in tax collections on real estate and personal property from the development. The bonds will be priced through underwriter Merrill Lynch. Another $200 million of variable-rate taxable bonds backed by arena concession fee payments will be privately placed with Comerica Bank. …

I feel like maybe having Mr. Jackson reciting this speech to the volunteers of my international nonprofit would almost be a form of security or insurance to keep people from abusing the children we’re trying to help.

Don’t try so hard to study people through magazines or news articles, you might just meet them one day.

Then again, if I did that with Greg I would’ve known that he was working across the street from me when I was managing a protocol—fail; it’s not like I couldn’t have IM’d him when I got the job or even while I was working. Oh well.

OMG, mom thought what I do doesn’t require much reading to start. This is where ebooks can be quite deceiving if you’re a non tech onlooker.

I’ve had to stop my reads because of people thinking I can take a break any time and just get back to it as if I were reading a novel. Not! They need to learn that some of the stuff I go through has to be soaked in before pausing.

There are interruptions and no Internet for me to at least SSH and practice what I’m mentally swallowing. Ugh.

Maybe I could get away with memorizing everything to practice when I get out of here? But the constant pestering that I’m not more social with patients or even staff who are quite vocal about how they dislike people in my industry doesn’t help.

Okay, staff always assuming I’m gaming is ticking me off. Alright, I did date an editor of a gaming mag. I am a gamer, but when I’m sick or working/researching the gaming me goes into hiding. (Seriously, I put down a Blizzard game.)

I am a science geek who was a couple classes short of an associates degree back in HS. I didn’t focus on it because I was still figuring out and convincing fam what I wanted to do—computer science, biochem, math, psych, or law; an AA in English is gonna need to win after all these years.

The beauty contest bit was a nice break that brought me back to my initial choices of math, biochem, or CS for a BS. Then the telecommunications and net security were just hobbies that ended up getting me noticed and in the industry.

To those who think I starve myself,

Y’all be. trippin’. I say that with the utmost love. I eat like no tomorrow when it’s not hospital food.

Then I’m all up in the gym when they’re not tapping my spine. Serious.