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On a mission to find myself again; I have time. :)
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That’s it! I don’t like people stuffing me into their small “classes” of people and thinking that I should be treated like the rest of “them.” In fact, I don’t think my dog liked the classification she was given either. Even she could feel the reverse discrimination when being called a “white person” dog.

There are things I enjoyed but had to hide because of how people would treat me - even my BFs. The love of metal, rock, headbanging, guitars, snowboarding, surfing… mixed with an addiction to tennis, math, science, and completing as much college as I could in HS made me a total anomaly.

I guess calling me an Ameican Asian Anomaly (AAA) might work.

Haha… My calendar popped up with this reminder this morning.

Tipping my cap to you Nanny, Sunil, Bishwa… thanks for telling me to schedule it on my smartphone. It helps, but seeing y’all again would be better.

*Sunil, I remember your cousins teasing us when we were little because we’re American. Hah, I’m not bitter. In fact, I’ll be sending some help out to India when I get a hold on my companies in the Philippines.

  • September 12, 2011
  • Anita: Sprint HTC EVO 4G 2x (two) Battery + Travel Charger, + USB Output, Sprint HTC Evo Shift, Verizon HTC www.amazon.com - Extend your talk time on your HTC Evo 4G, Imagio, Ozone, Snap, Touch Pro2, Sprint Hero and Droid Incredible with 2 new high quality batteries! Plus Universal charger! Instructions how to use the charger: instruction *put the suitable plug into the charger socket. After connection the charger wit...
  • Ryan: Scared to put a $4 battery charged by a $2 charger into a $600 phone. Afraid I'll have to pass, but thanks for sharing. How's yours?
  • Anita: My phone is happy, I'm really happy with it (after the last push) but I think people hurt its feelings when they call it an iPhone. ;/
  • Anita: Are you trying to say my people don't make quality knock offs? ~Chinagirl
  • Ryan: haha.. China Girl... I miss my grandpa.. he was awesome.
  • Anita: fyi: after finding out he said that, I got kinda scared of him.
  • Ryan: you're just lucky he didn't call you charlie
  • Anita: Haha!

I’m an Asian military brat (home grown American), born again Christian (2005), rocker (1st bout of whiplash @ 16), and DnB raver (not the glow stick kind but that looks fun).  Oh, can I throw another bit to screw with your mind?  I also LOVE country music.

All of the above is included in this rare secure IT package of happy geek.  


mspi / dnagirl.com

Didn’t you mean Asian-American?

Uh, no.  Being American comes first, always. I am a full-blown American and no matter where I am or what language I’m speaking at any level of fluency, the natives will know I am American via my accent.

I do not know what else someone can call a Christian girl who loves country music, rodeos, bull-riding, horseback, and grew up watching the ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ AND taking part in crawdad festivals & mutton bustin’ as a child.

Yep, you can call me a confused Asian, but don’t forget I’m 1/4 Spanish.  Now, can you see why I claim American?  It’s also a whole lot easier than saying Spanish, Chinese, Filipino, American. Ya feel me?

Just call me lost, being lost is almost always fun.