On a mission....

On a mission to find myself again; I have time. :)
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Hah, I just remembered writing programs out in my notebook—spiral bound paper notebook—old school.
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Live coding from a smartphone isn’t so smart; especially when in spotty coverage — fail!

I need to learn to write the program out in Evernote and then copy/paste it when it’s clean & pretty.

Enjoying a lil flashing back to my raver days.  I’m trying to sleep right now.

I figure if sitting on the sub at the club can rock me to sleep,  the bass bumping my ears can give me a flashback.  I need to sleep!

BTW, I didn’t sleep ‘cause it was a bore. Mr Sandman was taking me away because I had a job to show up to in a few hours. Ah, youth!

Wow, as much I love animals, for the 1st time, I saw a big momma doggy nursing her litter yesterday - standing. It was a picture my mom showed me and told a cute story with it. Basically, a puppy they gave away kept on running back home to its mom. I told mom I liked its markings and the fact it knows where home is - no getting lost. I don’t think my Boo ever got lost either.

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Well, I’ve found my night-night fix. A warm milk really does do the trick - small carton of warm low-fat milk and a tiny coffeemate cap of hazelnut - yummy. -.- zzzz

This is so true! [For Kindle people: A daily email containing dozens of top-quality bargain and free Kindle book recommendations customized to your reading interests… and the best part, it’s free: http://www.BookGorilla.com/b]

Ok, I’ve got over 1,800 books and growing everyday. Kindle ebooks rock, 98% of my collection is or was free. Be my guest and check on my daily additions: http://www.pinterest.com/dnagirlcom/kindle-ebooks/

People around me are weird,   they were about to microwave my bagel.  Blasphemy!

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