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On a mission to find myself again; I have time. :)
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Yes,  jailbreaking smart devices interests me if it’s to modify them for the blind & handicap - uh, me.

Hopefully my new meds can calm my eyes (double vision). It seriously stinls to have 2 monitors in front of you or a HD 28” and not be able to work with a basic spreadsheet.

That headache of a mess wasn’t just the #MS, it was a 2nd round of #cancer screaming,  “I’m here!  Time for a medical leave.”  I need to learn to listen to my body.

1) survived cancer 2x
2) surviving MS
3) survived gun shots at my gym
4) survived being hit by cars 3x
5) survived stupid stalkers 3x

Yes, one can still act chipper when being called back in to redo a MRI on what could quite possibly be a tumor. Seriously, that’s why you should be happy - someone cares. ^._^

BTW, the tumor was the size of my fist and cancerous. It turns out that a few years later, I’d have another one on the other side. What stinks is that I had a fab career going on and the workaholic me didn’t stop to figure that my MS (multiple sclerosis) was acting up because of a possible cancer reoccurance. Why didn’t I feel it? The tumors, again, were about the size of my fists; I don’t exactly have that much experience with feeling breasts to make a good comparison - sorry.

Here’s some advice for other women out there: If your family has a history of this nasty cootie and you’ve been diagnosed with it already, pull an Angelina Jolie and get rid of the both of them.

Oh my goodness, the Navy just publicly admitted there are radioactive shards at Treasure Island that could be uncovered in the dirt by children. Just me, I’m not paranoid, I just played there all the time when I was little to later get diagnosed with a neurological disease with no history in my family.

I had a dream I was standing on my own - sans walker, crutches, and wheels. I visited an ex-bf and showed him I was going through physical therapy and that it helped; I was able to stand & kick forward; not fierce, but it got off the ground. Now, where I accidentally ended up hitting was his own fault, it was so slow and weak he could’ve moved. ;p

I have to say, I’d be MAD if someone denied my paralysis just because I got better and had hope. I’m not sorry I left general medicine to get my arm moving out of the sling when all the hospitals wanted was to keep pumping me with steroids or give up and take the handicap check.

After 3 months of acupuncture I got my arm moving and back in the industry again. I also turned a non-believer/witness who you’d think wouldn’t question me anymore.

I will get on with my physical therapy & acupuncture to get on with my life - dancing, working, swimming, and playing tennis again.

Don’t think I’ve forgotten my career just ‘cause Cancer & MS got in my way, for A BIT. I will be back, better, and Cisco certified in network & security before you know it.

Hah, that’ll teach Check Point. I had a great talk with them at the RSA Conference - them thinking I’d fall victim to a firewall rule again. Yeah, that’s not happening. I gave the engineers a hearty “good luck” in their dating ventures. It was cute. Well, it’s kinda sad watching their hopeful eyes go glum.