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But few newbies got the snowball of notoriety as “Concertgoer X” did during a literally show-stopping performance of the New York Philharmonic last week. The man, described only as a senior, was apparently given a new iPhone in place of his Blackberry. He told the New York Times that while trying to find a way to mute the phone for the performance, he accidentally set the alarm. Near the end of the symphony, the dulcet tones of iPhone’s Marimba met Mahler’s Ninth Symphony. That led to shouting concert-goers and the eventual halting of the performance by conductor Alan Gilbert.

So, my question to Dice users out there—has something like this happened to you or someone you know? Share your technical etiquette horror stories and we’ll send a Dice coffee mug to the best one we hear. Please put “Horror Story” in the subject line and send it to alice@dice.com. I can’t wait to check my inbox.