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On a mission to find myself again; I have time. :)
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My yellow nail polish spilled everywhere. My nails won’t be cheering for the eastern conf teams now. :/

Great job Sharks fans!

    ”We feel good when we play in the building,” coach Todd McLellan said. ”Pavs said something after the game about the fans that they almost become his legs at times because they are so energizing.”
I was wondering where I got my beagle’s name, Tkachuk, from. Duh, hockey! Tkachuk played for the St, Louis Blues. Don’t say anything, the dog and I loved the name.
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Just as I begin to question the magnetic effect these fights have on me, someone sends me this vid. Uh, turns out I’m not into knockouts.

Post pwning of the Red Wings as well as little things on DnAgirl.