On a mission....

On a mission to find myself again; I have time. :)
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Post pwning of the Red Wings as well as little things on DnAgirl.

Distractions!  Game 7 - Sharks vs Red Wings

Trying to speak with a major distraction, Playoff Hockey game going on!

across the board, my  4th rocked.  here’s how it started off.

From May 4, 2011

before leaving for church, Erin gave me a bye-bye present ‘cause she’s a big girl now and today was her last day volunteering at my place. the Hello Kitty cupcake doesn’t make up for losing some cool company here but we’re now FB friends.

i was about to say that the evening was so full of nice surprises that i can’t sleep; but, the happy times & lack of sleep seem to have brought about the pooped state. please lemme list the cool factors of tonight.

  • during church service, i got to stand for 15 minutes while worshiping thanks to my brothers and sisters.  i love you all! 
  • got to hang with a good friend, dr keith, over some late night mr.pizza man. :)
  • sharks nip red wings in OT to take 3-0 series lead
  • my google voice number is now my mobile number. it’s just been integrated to take on the google voice properties.  :)