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On a mission to find myself again; I have time. :)
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Note: It was 5yrs since I had an office,  7 since I had a cube.

A great friend kicked in to calm me over my forgetfulness when it came to the world’s simplest program; It just ticked me off ‘cause I still remembered SQL, but this one app escaped me. I’ve run through a book & similar apps and fixed the prob. Geez, it is so darn helpful to have supportive friends like this. Thanks D!

Friends, my dear friends, please live a good life; the junk comes back to haunt you… trust me - old age dementia.

Friends are so sweet. :)

It’s always nice to have friends who remind you that you have a life outside the CLI.
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It’s amazing how much flowers from friends can make one feel extraordinarily good.

My friend, Tim, gave these to me a bit ago, but seeing them in my archives still brings a smile to my face.

Was watching a lil news bit on a gangster running from an officer who fell in a struggle with the cop when a gun under the coat of the fugitive went off and ended up killing the fleeing criminal. I made a goofy comment on it and how gangstas need shooting and safety lessons, not realizing that I set off a nerve of a patient here who says he’s trapped in the life. I’ve given him my testimony and am helping him with his bible studies. We seem to be friends now, although he insists that he doesn’t have friends, only associates. (I don’t care, my prayers are looking out for him too.)

It’s a sad thing not to have friends, but it is even sadder not to have enemies.
Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara quote (Argentinian famous ‘guerrillero’ and communist figure in the Cuban Revolution, 1928-1967)