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How can I hate the creators of smart devices that can act as guitar amps? Major thanks to Rob, Contactual, and Rakesh for clearing my eyes and getting me on pop devices that have support, everywhere.

What prompted this post? Hmmm… finding that Griffin has made a cable to connect to the iDevices and when used with specific progs, the device is now your amp. :o. Right, so if I have to carry these pricy devices anyway, they might as well serve yet another purpose - yah?

To all the Apple haters out there, I WAS one of you. Becausee of my current situation, I can see why non-IT peeps want iDevices - they’re simple. I’m not or I can’t give up on other OSes, I just need to get through a load of therapy, treatments, then the setting up and expansion of the family business - we’re going International. :). I’ll poke at my IT connections and pull my skills out of the basket for one of my company’s divisions. Fun, fun, fun!

Can’t wait to get better so I can get back on my guitar and plug it into “GarageBand.”. \m/^.^\m/ (Taken with Instagram)

But few newbies got the snowball of notoriety as “Concertgoer X” did during a literally show-stopping performance of the New York Philharmonic last week. The man, described only as a senior, was apparently given a new iPhone in place of his Blackberry. He told the New York Times that while trying to find a way to mute the phone for the performance, he accidentally set the alarm. Near the end of the symphony, the dulcet tones of iPhone’s Marimba met Mahler’s Ninth Symphony. That led to shouting concert-goers and the eventual halting of the performance by conductor Alan Gilbert.

So, my question to Dice users out there—has something like this happened to you or someone you know? Share your technical etiquette horror stories and we’ll send a Dice coffee mug to the best one we hear. Please put “Horror Story” in the subject line and send it to alice@dice.com. I can’t wait to check my inbox. 

swissinfo.ch released new apps for both Android and iPhone today, along with a short clip stating our neutrality on the subject… and a message of hope for world peace and more understanding among fans. Enjoy.

nah, not crazy 4x a week clubbing, just crazy that or i’m just getting old.  i’m happy that i’ve grown and technology right along with me.  tech has been my partna’ ever since i could remember.

i’m feeling a little flashbacky after seeing high schoolers with smartphones.  oh, they weren’t random touch screened items, they were EVOs and iPhones.  o.O  i hope their parents have those things insured.


i guess smartphones today are equivalent to having a pager? i remember my pager was pretty cool; i had the motorola bravo 2 that you see in the below pics, mine was in teal.  even back then i was a modder and this gave way to prettifying my computers inside & out.  i hope modding systems doesn’t make you an outcast in high school today. when there, i was an academic sporty nerd (not outcast) with my crew (the guys who i love).  my boys appreciated me and lots probably due to me being able to network and hold a LAN party when Warcraft II and Starcraft for PC first came out.  j/k, i know they loved me as one of the guys.

Bravo II Color Bravos

geeks definitely have a place in this world, unlike films can lead you to believe.  revenge of the nerds scared me and mom would constantly remind me that if i kept on in my nerd/geek ways, i wouldn’t find anyone pretty to love me.  nevermind how the films ended with nerds & hot chicks, it’s a movie - not real.

thank God she was wrong.  i’ve dated some of the bestest, brightest fooine men out there who adored this geek.