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On a mission to find myself again; I have time. :)
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… figure out when I was healthy. Now after the accident they’re telling me it “should” come back eventually.

I’m stressing because I once had that down along with Unix, DNS, and half a book for IPv6. It’s not easy for a healthy person; how much more for one who just had a contusion, is constantly being pricked, scanned, and not having a power outlet, computer, or internet?

Alright,  I love my friends and everything,  but please don’t talk smack about my reading habits. My days are split up like school with PE, art, eat, and 30min-1hour study sessions with different subjects.

Juggling everything with medical appointments and being the only IT person in the house isn’t easy.  Seriously,  I’m SSHing from an iPad. At least I have a tablet to work from and a family who still cares about me, overlooking my inner geek. 

I think I’ve become the nerd I grew up fearing. Yes, geeks can be scary. 

I was just lucky to have had a boyfriend long ago who realized my lack of appetite,  conversation,  and trek straight to the pool was a silent cry for help from my job.

I’m sure he feels for me now,  especially after finding that I had met and worked with a man seen in our studies as awesome.  The stress and coming home smelling like a pack of smokes I didn’t even light was so not worth it; that’s in the time of the dot.com crash.

Hmmm… Do I want to be left or right handed? I’m starting over from scratch anyway. I guess the right can be the primary and I can at least keep the left usable.
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Don’t tell me I’m freaking out! You try losing all feeling of pain for over half a decade then, wake up one day feeling where all your injuries were - scars, burns, and broken bones. I’ll be busy thanking God for protecting me from all the hurt in the most unconventional way, temporary numbness.
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