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The 12th annual How Weird Street Faire

Sunday May 1, 2011 – Noon to 8pm

12th Annual - How Weird Faire

Howard & 2nd Streets, San Francisco, Earth

Journey to a land of peace.

All ages welcome. Costumes and dancing encouraged.

This is one of those events that gives SF that little touch of “Weird” that out of towners tie to our beautiful city.  I’d go after church and lunch if I can find anyone who might be interested.  My camera is ready, as always.

There’ll be some on stage Drum & Bass.  :)  I don’t remember ever being able to see that in the day… ‘cept for the LoveParade / Fest (good times). A flying saucer landing will be on the grounds just in case… hence the “how weird.”

The idea of being able to be part of SF’s strange factor makes me happy.  I can wait to head to future faires, at a more opportune time, I think I’ve spent enough time in the clubs to fill my SF fun factor requirement.